Robins Scribbler is by Scribbles, a superior all-around champion and out of a halter futurity winning daughter of Superior all-around champion, Mr. Robin Boy. Both of these stallions are on the top ten leading sires list for Performance Paint Horses. Robins Scribbler consistently stamps his get with outstanding conformation and size, including a free moving shoulder, long neck, extraordinary temperament and versatility.

     Before Robins Scribbler left California, he was marketed to traditional Paint Horse owners. Robins Scribbler's get have won 15 world Championships and many reserve world championships. Robins Scribblers get are known for their versatility and wonderful temperament. Many of his progeny are successful 3 day event horses. However they are also sought after by back country horsemen and pony clubbers. He even has a son who is a San Francisco police horse.




Talented get of Robins Scribbler

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