Welcome to our home page. Seven Mile Ranch is an equine breeding, training, and
sales facility located in the beautiful Mission Valley of Western Montana. Our goal is to promote Paint and Pinto Sport Horses. These fine animals are the result of our breeding program, combining the strength, temperament, and visual excitement of both the Pinto Warmblood and the American Paint Horse with the speed and athleticism of the Thoroughbred.

We offer three stallions for breeding.

Letter of Marque
Jockey Club and APHA

C Spot Run N AKA C Spot Go
APHA and Jockey Club

Montego Bay

Pinto Warmblood

     C Spot Run N also known as C Spot Go is our 17h 1997 chestnut sabino Thoroughbred. His get have size, color and beautiful conformation. Our Pinto stallion Montego Bay not only stamps his get with his lovely movement, he also gives his foals delightful character and class. 7 Mile Ranch proudly introduces LetterOfMarque to our stallion line up. Marque's first foals arrive in 2008. Check out all our stallions and their get on our pages! Our primary interest is in combined training. We believe that by pursuing this goal in our training, we are preparing our horses for potential careers in other endeavors, such as: dressage, hunter/jumper, or just as all around versatile performers. We see a need for horses that perform to the demands of advancing riders, yet not lose the flexibility to let those riders have fun.

Foals of 2009

Seven Mile Ranch offers horses for sale at all levels.


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